About us

Zuiver Digitaal ensures that your message is seen, heard and read by the right target group, with a tailored online media mix.

That is easier said than done, since your message is part of a daily flood of reports and therefore competes with many different messages. Everyone wants to be heard and seen and therefore everyone shouts louder and louder. The danger? Because of all that yelling, the consumer no longer hears your message. Due to display advertising, Google Adwords and sponsored content to social media and influencer marketing, consumers are continually stimulated online with commercial messages everywhere. As a result, they only focus on the messages that match their own interests and needs

Relevance: consumers focus exclusively on messages that meet their own needs

People choose carefully what they consume and just pushing a message makes no sense. Relevance is therefore more important than ever and a good marketing strategy is crucial. Do you want to highlight your added value and relevance with the right target group? Zuiver Digitaal is your partner.

Striving for relevance and results with a cross-media strategy

Zuiver Digitaal is part of Zuiver Media. Together we know all the possibilities within the media landscape and we offer all the knowledge for specialized advice and optimal cross-media campaigns. Based on the relevant target group, objectives and available budget, we provide tailor-made advice and recommendations on a cross-media media mix. Each channel is optimally deployed within this cross-media concept. We always strive for relevance: the right message via the right medium for the right target group.

Zuiver Digitaal collaborates

Zuiver Digitaal works with various partners that enable us to conduct optimum campaigns. Zuiver Digitaal is a Google Premier Partner: we meet the highest standards of Google for campaign management and are the first to be informed of new Google functions. As a member of the branch association PMA, we also connect with other experts in our field. In addition to our regular technology partners, we work closely with all kinds of media owners to achieve the right, successful mix of media channels for our customers.

Media specialist for advertising agencies

As an advertising agency, do you take care of the advertising campaigns for your customers, or do you need a specialist that guides you? Zuiver Digital not only makes it easy for advertisers themselves, but also communication and advertising agencies. In this way you offer your customer the convenience of full service, while you are not burdened with matters in which you are less specialized. Our goal is to reinforce each other: our services start where yours end and we work together for the maximum result!

The Platform Media Adviesbureau (PMA) is the branch organization for seventeen media consultancy agencies, including Zuiver Media. PMA, the Premier League in its field, is mainly active in the background, but occupies an important position in market developments in our branch. Membership of PMA brings media agencies together that normally compete with each other in daily practice. Because these media agencies use the same available research studies, PMA has been designated as the quality controller of these studies.

Our partners