Digital strategy & planning

What do you want to achieve, how and when? In this phase we determine the strategy of your campaign. An optimal media mix is ​​compiled based on the KPIs. We continuously optimize live campaigns for the best results at the lowest costs.

Based on your target group, goals and planning, we prepare an online advertising strategy that fits in seamlessly with your metrics. Together we determine the KPIs of the campaign: that is the starting point. Our specialists advise on the optimum mix of owned, earned and paid media. This integrated media approach guarantees the best possible result. After agreeing on the advertising strategy, the media mix and the timetable, we will get down to work! Our campaign management experts delve into the content and create awareness for your brand.

Campaign management: awareness, optimization and reporting

After checking all input and materials, our campaign managers set up the campaign. They are specialists in programmatic buying, influencer marketing, social marketing, display advertising, Google AdWords and Search Engine Advertising (SEA). Depending on the media mix, they will get to grips with it. Creating attention only starts when the campaign kicks off by "going-live".

We continuously optimize online campaigns

The course of the campaign is as dynamic as you can expect from online advertising. Monitoring is the order of the day and the campaign is constantly optimized based on the results. This is important for the range and effect of the campaign and also very cost-effective. It may be clear: never a dull moment within an online campaign. We will, of course, be happy to keep you informed of this. With the help of IDEM - our tool that compares campaign data in real time with the KPIs that have been set - we report our findings and optimizations at agreed times.