IDEM: all relevant results of your marketing efforts at a glance

When you invest budget in an online marketing campaign you want to be able to view live campaign results and get a direct answer to your most important questions. With IDEM you can quickly determine whether your KPIs are on track. This makes IDEM an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to be able to view and monitor their campaign results quickly. We translate the data into action-oriented recommendations for you.

Data collection

With IDEM we can collect the data from more than a hundred different platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Analytics, Mailchimp etc.
At the start of the campaign, we set up the dashboard with the required media and link it to your own analytics data. In this way you really see all the relevant results of your marketing efforts at a glance. A sleek design immediately shows the KPIs clearly, while other metrics provide more insight into details.

With a customized dashboard we can display other influences or data sources in addition to online marketing and media data. IDEM increases the impact of your campaigns.

Idem - Features


Quick insight in the performance of the chosen media channels and whether your KPIs are on track.


Accurate analysis of data and recommendations to improve the campaign performance.

Data sources

More than 100 different data sources with the most common standard in your dashboard.

Customized dashboard

Tailor-made dashboards with customized widgets like the weather, call center phone calls, etc.