Influencer marketing

Influencers are indispensable in your timeline and influencer marketing is hot! Here too, not only relevance, but also authenticity, is essential for the successful range of your target group. Which influencer fits your brand best? We help you find the right match.

In the past it were the (inter) national stars that in large numbers inspired their fanbase with their choice of clothing brands, food, make-up, literature, and so on. Nowadays everyone can be the star of his own niche by reporting a lot about this via social media. Those who are credible, share many relevant posts and / or are attractive to a large group of people for other reasons, nowadays become an influencer.

Influencers have a large range that you can benefit from

With often thousands of followers all over the world, they have a daily range that you as a company can benefit from!

Influencer marketing: set a good example

It’s clear that influencers are hot, so influencer marketing is that too. How do you use it? That depends entirely on your goal, target group and the message that you have. This must of course be in line with the interests and values ​​of the influencer in question. For you, that might be looking for a needle in a haystack, but not for us. We help you find the right match. We determine an effective strategy that makes optimum use of the authority of the influencer and aims to create awareness among the right target group. They get to know your brand and/or product, are reminded of it or are actively encouraged to test or buy it. Because they are confronted with your message through someone they see as an authority, this form of marketing is relevant and effective.