Marketing automation

Do you strive for an effective range and higher returns? A good marketing automation strategy helps and ensures that your potential customers receive relevant information at the right time. This is possible, for example, via HubSpot, a tool for marketing, sales and services.

How do you set up efficient marketing campaigns that lead to higher returns? That is a question that often concerns many marketers. A pragmatic marketing automation strategy sends consumers relevant information at the right time, tailored to their preferences and the phase/stage of the customer journey in which they find themselves. That journey relates to the path that a consumer follows from orientation to an information request or purchase.

Marketing automation: from action campaigns to assessment campaigns

That information request or purchase is both the goal of the seeking consumer and your campaign. Together we increase the chance that - at the crucial moment - your offer meets the needs best. This is possible with a promotional campaign, for example, where promotions are a trigger to make a purchase. With either a welcoming campaign for introduction, or an assessment campaign, in which you automatically ask for an assessment after the purchase. The possibilities are endless!

HubSpot, tool for Marketing Automation

What do you choose and how do you set up such a campaign? Zuiver Digitaal is a reseller of HubSpot, a tool that offers many possibilities to get in touch and stay in touch with your potential customer. You can choose to purchase this tool, but we can also help you with the implementation of another system. We advise, implement and gladly get started with a successful marketing automation campaign.