RTB, display & video advertising

Via Real Time Bidding (RTB) your advertisement will only be shown to consumers who fall within the target group and for whom your message is relevant. This is determined on the basis of, among other things, cookies and big data, but you don't have to worry about that: our RTB specialists analyze and ensure the best campaign results.

With programmatic purchasing through Real Time Bidding (RTB), real-time and automated bidding is offered on advertising space to show one specific advertisement to someone within the target group. In a nutshell, an algorithm determines the best online positions to confront your potential customer with your message. This advertising space is automatically purchased - via bids - via the RTB system.

Real-time data? Real-time effect!

The online behavior of consumers is constantly registered and analyzed by, among other things, cookies and big data. An analysis of this online behavior determines whether someone meets the right profile for your awareness campaign. You can imagine that this is an extremely effective way of ensuring the relevance and effect of your campaign.

Performance marketing: the best working strategy is used

Other advantages are the flexible budget that is used and optimization based on the different targeting strategies with which we are experimenting. The strategy with the best result is logically used more often. This is called performance marketing.

Programmatic buying: personal contact

RTB may sound a bit complex and it is a profession in its own right, but this method has no secrets for our RTB specialists. They have the analytical view and the expertise and technological knowledge required to achieve the best campaign results. And yes, we can live up to this promise with data!

Video Advertising: big impact

You no longer need huge budgets to make an impact with video. Both in terms of creation and deployment, there are many options for successfully deploying video as part of your media strategy. Why do it? First of all, because moving images have great appeal. The "linear" TV viewing is decreasing, while on-demand viewing (Netflix, delayed viewing via NPO Start) is increasing. Whether watching on a mobile, tablet or TV it is all the same for many. Video is therefore consumed in different ways, but the impact remains the same.