Via Search Engine Advertising (SEA) we link your advertisements to searches made by your potential target group. Our AdWords specialists ensure the right keywords, strategy, campaign and results. Relevance guaranteed!

Seek and you will find!. Why not give consumers a helping hand in their online search, with your relevant message? People who actively search online for terms that are relevant to your business are valuable to your company. And vice versa: you may have a product or service to offer to these searching consumers at a time that they need it.

From keyword research to conversion goal

With search engine advertising (SEA) we link your ads to searches that match. Do you sell organic drinks and do consumers look for "organic wine"? You will find each other via search engine advertisements. This is potentially a match! To achieve successful matches of this kind, our skilled AdWords specialists will help you further, from strategy to implementation and reporting. What words do you select? So many wishes, so many words! Together we set up a comprehensive campaign that aims to make searching consumers aware of your brand and product. Ideally, it then comes to a purchase or other conversion goal.

Google AdWords and Google Premier Partner

All this is done with Google Adwords. This tool offers a range of possibilities and the thorough knowledge and experience of our specialists is therefore extremely useful. The fact that we are a Google Premier Partner is evidence of the knowledge and expertise that we have in this area. To maintain this quality rating, our specialists receive periodic training, so that the status "Google Adwords expert" and the associated certificates remain in force.