Social advertising

Reach and activate your target group quickly? Social advertising is very effective. Based on your target group and objectives, we will gladly set up a social media campaign for you or advise on this.

At a time when many start and end the day with social media - for some it seems almost a necessity - you cannot escape this as a self-respecting company. A lot of time is spent online, on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. Where you literally leave footprints in the physical world, your track can also be traced online in the form of data. This data is very useful for social advertising, among other things, because it makes it possible to advertise very directly to a specific target group.

Striving for relevance on social channels

Here too, striving for relevance is of great importance. Does the range analysis and fanbase analysis show that your potential customers are present on Instagram in large numbers? Then that social medium becomes the focus of the campaign. There we post messages and stories, we activate advertisements and we interact with a relevant group of consumers.

Social advertising: fast range, fast activation

This way of advertising is popular and rightly so social channels have proven to be effective marketing channels, where you can reach your target group quickly with the right message and encourage them to take action. We gladly advise on the choice of the right channel and the message to be used. Our social specialists help design, set up and implement effective social media campaigns.